Senator Lindsey (R-SC) Graham joined Brian Kilmeade to talk about the death Jamal Khashoggi. Graham pushed back on the comments coming from the Saudi leadership that the death of Khashoggi was the work of rogue killers saying, “Well this is not rogue killers. This is a rogue Crown Prince.” Graham went onto say that the Crown Prince is showing contempt for America. Senator Graham shared that Khashoggi’s children came to his office, he offered to help them and he is worried about the safety of one son who is still in Saudi Arabia.

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(Brian Kilmeade) [00:00:00] Senator you’ve been a defender of the Saudis. You said that they are the counterweight to Iran and we know what Iran’s been up to for the last since 1979 but now what do you think from what you know and what you can tell us?

(Senator Lindsey Graham)[00:00:12] Well this is not rogue killers. This is a rogue Crown Prince. He’s got a 2030 vision it includes women having more say about their lives in Saudi Arabia more integration into the economy by women. That’s all great. Then there’s a side to the guy who throws his family members in the Ritz Carlton and treats them pretty poorly throws people in jail who criticizes him just slightly. And now if it is true now believe it is sent a team of assassins to kill a Washington Post columnist who has three American children an American resident and the Saudi consulate in Istanbul that is game over for me with MBS (Mohammad bin Salman)

(Kilmeade) [00:00:52] That Crown Prince’s initials who’s tight with Jared Kushner who the President is also tight with the royal family. The president spoke to the King yesterday but the king wouldn’t be somebody pulling the trigger on something like this?

(Graham) [00:01:07] No the king is a revered figure. MBS is pulling the levers there. He’s really crackdown on dissidents in the country. He says one thing he does another. He’s put President Trump and myself in a bad spot.

(Kilmeade) [00:01:18] Here is Michael Hayden former CIA director. Cut 12.

(Audio of Michael Hayden from CNN) [00:01:22] I’ll accept what King Solomon said at face value. He did know and I frankly wouldn’t expect him to know given the dynamics of how the kingdom is governed right now. But it is very hard for me to believe that the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sahlman who is a very controlling personality. What not have known this was going on or put another way. I don’t think anyone would have attempted this had they not had strong belief that the crown prince had their back

(Kilmeade) [00:01:52] I mean can people be that tone deaf to understand America that little apparently to really think they could pull this off?

(Graham) [00:01:59] Well so this guy is full of himself. You know he’s getting all this praise including from me. I’ve been on the floor defending their actions in Yemen. I’ve been on the floor saying there’s been a good ally when it comes to the war on terror. They’ve not been perfect by any means. I’ve been trying to beat back this effort to serve our relationship with Saudi Arabia. So what does this mean? For this MBS to put us in this spot shows contempt for us in our relationship. Nobody has done more for Saudi Arabia than President Trump. Nobody has been there on their side more than I have in the Senate. Maybe Senator McCain and this is the way you get repaid?

(Kilmeade) [00:02:39]. So they’re going to come back. Pompeo is going over there right now. He’s going to come back and they say the Saudis are basically Mitt that they did it was an interrogation gone wrong. So if that is indeed the case and the President has said listen I don’t want to hurt Raytheon Boeing or my other major companies who had these weapons sales why should I hurt American industry? Because these guys can’t behave themselves. What do you say?

(Graham) [00:03:01] Well sometimes you have to pay a price for your values. I’m pretty defense hawkish kind of guy …Yeah absolutely I want Saudi Arabia to be on our side. There’s Saudi Arabia, then there’s the Crown Prince. There are two different things. So how do you expect us to his children came to my office.. Mr. Khashoggi’s kids he has three American sets and children. They came to my office and I said we’ll help they got one son in Saudi Arabia that I’m worried about how do I engage Saudi Arabia when MBS the de facto leader of the country is this brazen disrespectful for the international norms that we fight for. He is toxic. There’s no way we can move forward. I would suspend arms sales as long as he’s in charge.

(Kilmeade) [00:03:47] Senator, let’s back up a second. You know he created a lot of enemies when he made some of the changes he liked the idea that the royal family into the Ritz Carlton and interrogated them brutally in many respects and some are still in jail or under house arrest.. So if you want to up end him did you pull something off like this and say now you’re tagged with this responsibility. Could this be a diabolical plot that maybe John Grisham would write?

(Graham) [00:04:11] You mean setting up MBS. No because everything about him seems to gravitate toward this. This is not some guy is trying to change the country and hardliners undercutting He is schizophrenic. One minute he’s talking about the 2030 plan for Saudi Arabia. The next minute he’s personally involved in stamping out the slightest dissent. So I think he’s unhinged, he’s 33 years old. If this is the next 50 years. God help us all. It’s an important relationship but the values that we possess as Americans are more important than any single relationship. This is a test of President Trump. He did the right thing to send Pompeo. I just don’t believe that we can ever do business with Saudi Arabia again. As long as he’s in charge, MBS.

(Kilmeade) [00:04:58] Wow. That would be huge because you know who’s high fiving? Iran.

(Graham) [00:05:02] Yeah well let me tell you don’t get so excited Iran. We are going break your back. The people are going to take back Iran after we crush the Iranian regime through sanctions. So don’t misunderstand. I want everybody know to be an ally of the United States requires certain things, you don’t murder people in consulates in foreign countries and expect us to clap for you. Iran we’ve been tough on will continue to be tough on. But this is a challenge the hardest thing to do with is abuse by your friends. Everybody expects Putin to act this way in North Korea but Saudi Arabia, we have an alliance is not perfect. This is about us Brian. It’s about who we are how we react. This is about Saudi Arabia. Hope that we’ll take this moment to deal with this problem in a fashion that will allow the world to engage Saudi Arabia more effectively because right now MBS is too toxic in my view to take Saudi Arabia seriously.

(Kilmeade) [00:05:59] All right. And you get to speak to the President about this?

(Graham) [00:06:01] Yeah absolutely. Going to talk to Pompeo Sunday. The relationship is important. Saudi Arabia’s not the Crown Prince it’s bigger than the Crown Prince but the Crown Prince this outrageous action has put us in a box. And I want everybody else to know that if you got plans like this with your friend America don’t go down this road because you will pay a heavy price.

(Kilmeade) [00:06:24] Great to be there at FOX News world headquarters. You get to drag Lindsey Graham up from television. Get a few minutes now you have to run.

(Graham) Got to run

(Kilmeade) You have a few events here in New York City

(Graham) [00:06:34] Yeah I do. I am going to take the DNA test going to see how much American Indian I am if at all and I’ll reveal it on Fox and Friends. Stay tuned.

(Kilmeade) [00:06:43]. Absolutely we’ll find out. I’m not sure we’re going to take that test with Ben Sasse but it’s going to be great to see the Senator, the Republican Senator from Nebraska in studio next. This is the Brian Kilmeade Show. Thanks Senator.