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“No. none of my interactions with him would even remotely reflect that. And not only that, look at what’s happening you know with unemployment particularly in the black community. You look at the opportunities , look at wht we are doing by creating the EnVision Centers and things that bring all of these resources to get people out of poverty. That doesn’t sound like something a racist would do. A racist would be somebody who would be patting people on the head saying there, there you poor little thing, I’ll take care of you, you just stay over there and make sure you vote to me. That would seem to be much more racist to me.”

—Dr. Ben Carson on if he thinks President Trump is racist

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson spoke with Brian Kilmeade about Omarosa saying President Trump is a racist, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo saying America was never that great and HUD’s efforts to address the affordable housing crisis.

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