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Dr. Darrell Scott, Pastor, New Spirit Revival Center and CEO of The National Diversity Coalition for Trump, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the backlash President Trump has received after calling Omarosa Manigault a "dog" and talked about the existence of a tape with President Trump using the N-word. When asked if his view of President Trump would change if there is a tape of the President saying the N-Word, Pastor Scott said, "No, it wouldn't. I don't think he did... I have been around him a lot the last couple of years and I have seen no indicator at all, no indication of racism...there are certain subtle things you can look for, especially when you are an African American, there are certain subtle things you can look for and recognize subtle hints of racism that people do and might not be overt and imply and I haven't seen any out of him." Scott added, "Here is the thing with President Trump that people have a problem with, especially when you have those espousing women's rights, whatever. Women want to be treated "equal to" but he treats everybody "same as". There is a difference between equal to and same as. I'll give you an example, if equal to means I'll tell a man to shut up but I won't tell a woman to shut up because she is a woman. Same as means I'll tell both of them to shut up, there is no difference there, I see them both the same. He treats a lot of people "same as."

Pastor Scott also took issue with Omarosa saying in her book she was a part of the formation of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and the blowback he continues to get from the black community for his support for President Trump. Plus, Pastor Scott also previewed his work with President Trump on the 13-point "Urban Revitalization Plan" to help African American communities.

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