"When you do fail, look back at it, why did you fail? Assess it, learn from it, move on, keep going. Just keep going, keep grinding, make sure that you are doing everything with the right perspective, right heart. Are you doing this solely for yourself? Well, you are eventually going to be alone. Are you doing this for the love of others and you represent something greater than yourself? Well than you are going to have the strength to persevere in those tough times. So all those kids out there, twelve and thirteen, I failed so much as a kid, my first year in football I was a bench warmer, they wouldn't even put me on the field because I was slower than anyone and they didn't think I was going to be any good and then all of a sudden I started playing, I kept working, I kept failing and I kept persevering my dad kept pushing me, he kept believing in me. My mom, all those people kept pushing me, kept believing in me but it was tough love, it wasn't like nurturing and eventually you have to do it yourself."

---Nick Foles on how failure led to becoming Super Bowl MVP

Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles QB and Super Bowl 52 MVP, sat down with Brian Kilmeade to discuss his long road going from backup quarterback, to being out of football, to Super Bowl MVP. Foles talked about leading the Philadelphia Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl championship over the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

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