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Peter Navarro, Assistant to President Trump & White House Office Of Trade And Manufacturing Policy Director, explained to Brian Kilmeade why he feels “duped” for recommending Stefan Halper, the FBI source who assisted the Russia investigation, to the White House personnel office for an unidentified ambassadorship in Asia. Navarro also discussed the reasoning behind yesterday’s actions of the White House imposing tariffs and restrictions on Chinese goods.

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Peter Navarro on feeling “duped” for recommending Stefan Halper to the White House

(Kilmeade) Peter your name came up in the news when this Cambridge proefessor Stefan Halper, saying you were the guy who recommended him for some type of ambassador in Asia somewhere, do you know him? Did you recommend him for a job? If so, do you feel duped today?

(Navarro) Duped, yes. Stefan Halper if you look at his resume its stunning. Cambridge professor, he wrote a best selling book “The Beijing Consensus”, he is recognized ax one of the great Chinesse experts. He works for the Pentagon in the Office of Net Assessment which is one of the premiere agencies of government, it’s baffling. What I did was refer a spread sheet with twelve names on it to the personnel office and for the life of me I cant figure out how that somehow got out into the press but look, we were all duped by that and shame on, this kind of thing shouldn’t be happening. It just shouldn’t be happening.

(Kilmeade) What do you mean, the informant?

(Navarro) Having having spies infiltrate into the Trump campaign. I mean come on. It’s like that just that shouldn’t take place. I mean that’s not that’s not America and using using people like that, I mean come on now. It’s like I was like I was dumbfounded when I read that news it was like you can’t make this stuff up.

(Kilmeade) But you know right? Besides having great resume you know him?

(Navarro) know here’s what I know. I’ve met him a couple of times he was in he was in my film documentary. I interviewed about 35 Chinese experts for the documentary “Crouching Tiger.” It’s a 10 part series, He is quite eloquent. I just call him up and said want to do it. I went out to his place with my film crew. We shot it and then I subsequently saw him on two other occasions but that’s it. And yeah it’s like the 12 people that were on that list there they’re fine China experts and yeah I feel duped, yeah pretty much.