Kettle Corn flavored OREO cookies

Oreo cookie lovers have long faced off in the cream versus cookie debate.

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Now they have more to wrangle over As Nabisco rolls out limited edition flavors and asks fans to pick a favorite out of Cherry Cola with little popping candies in the creme filling. Kettle Corn with little puffed pieces in them and PiƱa Colada.

The three finalists whittled down from hundreds of thousands of fan submitted ideas which included avocado Oreo cookies and Unicorn. Those did *not* make the cut.

Lilian Woo...FOX News

Cherry Cola flavored OREO cookies

#myoreocreation contest voting is open from april 30, 2018 until june 30, 2018 on www.Myoreocreation.Com and fans can also text vote to 59526 to obtain the url*. Fans that participate will also be entered for a chance to win one of thousands of sweet prizes. The winning flavor will be announced on or around july 7, 2018 and will unlock $500k for the creator of the winning flavor.

Pina Colada flavored OREO Thins cookies





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