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Senator Bob Corker(R-TN) Chairman of Foreign Relations joined Brian Kilmeade this morning on The Brian Kilmeade Show and expressed concern that President Trump won't follow through on Syria. Corker also weighed in on talk President Trump is considering firing Robert Mueller saying it would be a "massive mistake" that would ruin his presidency if the president were to fire Mueller.

Senator Corker on being worried President Trump will not follow through on Syria

SENATOR BOB CORKER: I'm a little worried. I saw a second tweet that came out this morning where he, in essence, was saying 'let's making nice, let's work together. We can help build the Russian economy.' So I don't know whether that first tweet you're referring to relative to missiles coming, you understand what I'm saying?

BRIAN KILMEADE: I'll read it for everybody.

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago More Our relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War. There is no reason for this. Russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race?

And then he went on.

SENATOR BOB CORKER: You understand my concern is that, uh, well, I stated it already.

Senator Corker on America saying things then moving on