(AP Photo/Manish Swarup, File)

Donald Trump Jr. called into the Brian Kilmeade Show and discussed the breaking news of Rex Tillerson's dismissal as Secretary of State.

"I think Tillerson is an incredible guy. He is A brilliant guy you know running Exxon but I think you also have a problem of an entrenched State Department where all of these former Obama people are in there and they are more concerned about making sure that Trump doesn't do anything then they are about worrying about America and their future standing in the world. And you know again we got to figure out those issues as well I mean my father obviously can't do that himself, he can't know a billion employees of the federal government and deal with it and you need people in those positions who will deal with it and who will do it and who aren't going to be susceptible to the swamp, who aren't just going to listen to this bureaucratic gospel and take it as such but you know people who will actually make intelligent independent decisions based on what's right for America for a change."

Plus, Don Jr. spoke about today's special election in Pennsylvania's 12th district, Hillary Clinton still not over her election loss and President Trump meeting with Kim Jong-un

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