Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the standoff between the Trump administration and California over sanctuary cities, whether he supports Florida’s proposed gun legislation and why he is worried President Trump’s tariffs on aluminum and steel will lead to a trade war. Hickenlooper agrees with those who want to secure the border and get rid of violent criminals, whether they are legal or illegal, and went on to say we need to make sure large scale ICE roundups are not picking up people who did nothing wrong and separate them from their families. On raising the age to purchase a rifle to 21, Hickenlooper said, “I taught my son how to hunt and that is sacred rite of passage,” and understands there are a lot of sides to the gun debate. When asked about arming schoolteachers, Hickenlooper said if teachers want to voluntarily go through the same training process peace officers do then he wouldn’t have a problem with teachers being armed. On President Trump’s announcement of imposing a tariff on steel and aluminum, Hickenlooper, who ran a beer company, is worried the tariffs will lead to a trade war but does understand how local businesses such as the fishing and dairy industries are being treated unfairly by NAFTA. Hickenlooper said he has no problem if we renegotiate NAFTA and other agreements.

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