In a radio exclusive, White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly, joined Brian Kilmeade at the White House to talk about President Trump’s first State of the Union address. Kelly discussed President Trump taking the handcuffs off of the military in Afghanistan, working on a bipartisan solution on DACA, why his heart breaks over identity politics in America and President Trump releasing the Nunes memo “pretty quick and the whole world can see it.”

Plus, General Kelly says the high school teacher who called our military the lowest of the low “ought to go to hell”.

General Kelly On President Trump releasing the Nunes memo

(Kelly) The memo came over day before yesterday. The unique thing about all of this frankly is in every other case that I can remember in my lifetime where a president was in some kind of trouble, the president, the White House attempted to not release things. We’ve got our folks, the national security lawyers in the White House they work for me, they work for the President they’re slicing and dicing in it looking at it so that we know what it means and what it understands.
(Kilmeade) Did you see it?
(Kelly) I Did
It’ll be released here pretty quick I think and the whole world can see it.

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WH Chief of Staff Gen. Kelly

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Posted by FOX News Radio on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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