Mick Mulvaney, Director of White House Office Of Management And Budget, joined Brian Kilmeade with the latest on the impasse between republicans and democrats on the government shutdown. Mulvaney said the democrats want the funding bill to be their way or the highway over DACA. When asked about Senator Schumer saying he is willing to authorize the building of the border wall, Mulvaney said he is pulling a fast one because authorizing the wall to be built is different from appropriating the money to actually build the wall and pointed out that Schumer voted to authorize a border wall in 2006 but the money was never appropriated to build the wall.

When asked to respond to Joe Scarborough calling him a liar, Mulvaney said, "I still watch Morning Joe for the entertainment value but I think they long ago ceased to be anything close to a reputable program. The answer in terms of the specifics on the wall was that what we know Schumer offered now as authorization to build the wall not appropriation I got news for you, that's a world of difference in Washington D.C. Schumer voted to authorize the wall in 2006 and it is not finished yet because they won't vote to actually appropriate the money so that the senate minority leader is actually trying to pull a fast one on the President and got caught and I'm really sorry if that bothers Scarborough who by the way would tell you that if he remembers what congress is like, if he paid when he was here would know the difference between authorization and appropriations. As to Steven Miller there's only one person here makes decisions about immigration but anything and that's the president so you know there's a reason I don't go on Morning Joe anymore cause doesn't really try to tell folks was actually going on."

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