Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the House of Representatives rejecting the Amash Amendment that would have imposed restrictions on spying on Americans. Paul feels Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's comments defending the FISA surveillance program as a tool on the war on terror is disingenuous. Paul said he is for spying on foreigners in foreign lands but wants to end the incidental collection of data on millions of Americans.

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Senator Rand Paul on why Speaker Paul Ryan's defense of FISA is disingenuous

(PAUL) I think he's being disingenuous I guess is the nicest thing I can say about it. I'm for spying on foreigners in foreign lands that's what FISA supposed to do. so the intent of the law is not bad and in my reform the Amash reform as well we do reauthorize the program and acknowledge that the program is useful. What we do though is we acknowledge also that when they collect data on foreigners they incidentally and accidentally collect on millions of Americans. So when you look at this database and they won't tell you how many Americans are in it millions and millions of Americans are in it, in fact most journalists are probably in there that communicate internationally, most politicians that communicate internationally, most businessmen and women are in this database so all we're saying is keeps buying on foreigners but if you want to spot in American and you want to search in American in the database go to a judge and get a warrant, that's a tried and true bill of rights constitutional approach.