Senator Lindsey Graham On Roy Moore: If You Can’t Go To A Mall In Alabama Maybe You Shouldn’t Go To The Senate

“How effective can Roy Moore be as a senator representing the people of Alabama in this environment where you have every major republican believing the women over him? You have a trail of bizarre behavior. If you can’t go to a mall in Alabama maybe you shouldn’t go to the senate.”

—Senator Lindsey Graham on Roy Moore

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the allegations against Roy Moore saying it is pretty clear the accusers of Moore have credibility and believes Moore would not be an effective senator with all of these allegations hanging over his head. On some of the Senate republicans who may not vote for tax reform, Graham spoke about his meeting with Senator Collins over the sticking point of repealing the Obamacare mandate and is hopeful Collins will get to a yes vote. When asked about Senator Flake saying the Republican Party is “toast” if it embraces President Trump and Roy Moore, Graham disagreed saying President Trump’s agenda is a “damn good one” and the President deserves credit for resonating with Americans during the election.

Plus, Lindsey Graham on China attempting to reign in North Korea

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