Hans Von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and former Justice Department official, explained to Brian Kilmeade why the indictment of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and his onetime business partner and protégé Rick Gates will have no impact on the President because the charges concern activities unrelated to the 2016 campaign and election. Hans said the tactics being used by Robert Mueller on Manafort are similar to those used to take down mob operations by indicting someone lower down in the operation in order to try and get them to turn on someone higher up in the chain of command. On the reports the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign is connected to the Fusion GPS Russian dossier, Hans said while opposition research is perfectly legal there may be a violation of federal law that prohibits foreign individuals from having any involvement, either directly or indirectly, in American political campaigns if the foreign agent they hired was acting as an agent of the campaign.

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