Sen. Tom Cotton On Iran Deal: We Don’t Have the Luxury Of Waiting Eight To Thirteen Years To Confront A Nuclear Iran

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) joined the†Brian Kilmeade Show†today to discuss the Iran deal. Listen to the full interview below:

Sen. Cotton on why he chooses not to spar with President Trump like many other Republicans:

The American people elected Donald Trump to be our commander-in-chief and if we want to keep our country safe and secure, then it’s important that the commander-in-chief succeed, and I think Donald Trump by and large is getting things right. He’s certainly much more consistent with decades of bipartisan foreign policy leadership than Barack Obama was for the last eight years. So when the president does things like tells Congress and tells our allies that the Iran deal is not in the United States national security interests, or launches airstrikes against the Assad regime when they cross the U.S. red line, I’m going to support him.

Sen. Cotton on why he was glad the President did not certify the Iran deal:

Iran now is by all accounts about a year away from getting a nuclear weapon. This deal though starts to expire in a mere eight years, sometimes thirteen years with some of the provisions. I don’t think we can wait eight to thirteen years. Iran is going to get stronger, itís economy is going to grow, it’s going to get more conventional weapons like tanks and artillery and helicopters, and ultimately it will have a nuclear weapon. That’s what we saw with the North Korea nuclear deal in 1994. They detonated their first bomb in 2006. So I don’t think that we have the luxury of waiting eight to thirteen years to confront a nuclear Iran. I think we need to confront them now. I understand those people who say that we have so many other challenges it’s best to kick this one down the road, I just think the consequences are too grave.