Senator Lindsey Graham joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss why he disagrees with fellow Senator Bob Corker saying President Trump is creating conditions for World War III and why President Trump is right to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement.

Plus, Senator Graham on playing golf with President Trump yesterday.

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Senator Graham on Sarah Sanders saying Senator Corker rolled out the red carpet giving the Iran deal credibility

(KILMEADE) Is she right?

(GRAHAM) No. Bob Corker, number one, it wasn’t a treaty. A treaty has to be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate. Everybody who looked at this agreement, executive agreement, said it did not fall in line with what a treaty would look like. You can’t allow Congress to determine what a treaty is because that’s the power of the executive branch. So Bob was right, we talked to everybody in the Bush Administration, I call up every smart lawyer I knew, they said you can’t turn this into a treaty because Congress doesn’t define what a treaty is, that’s an executive branch function and there’s five things you look at that would make something a treaty versus an agreement. So what we did do is require votes so everybody would be on record. So Bob negotiated an agreement with the democrats, we had to get sixty votes to nix a thing, everybody is now a record those who voted for the agreement are in history of saying ‘I’m ok with giving the Ayatollah a one hundred and fifty billion dollars, not requiring them to change their behavior and those who voted no, I’m not ok with the Ayatollah getting one hundred and fifty billion dollars in sanctions relief no matter what he does.’ So I disagree with administration on Bob Corker’s role. I do agree with the President one thousand percent that this is a lousy deal and he needs to decertify the deal and get a better deal.

(KILMEADE) Why did Corker allow the thing to to get approval with less than fifty votes in the senate?

(GRAHAM) We could have voted on the agreement or he (President Obama) could have done it by himself. I’m glad we voted on the agreement. I’m glad that over fifty senators voted against the agreement and all those who voted for the agreement I want you to vote again I’m going to give you another agreement to vote off I want to give you a chance to make up for the biggest mistake you made in your political life so now everybody in the senate on record about the Iran nuclear deal everybody who voted for the deal voted for a pick in a poke. everybody who voted for the deal should feel very bad the cost of money is going into the Ayatollahs coffers to build up his military they have humiliated our sailors on the high seas they’re just firing missiles in violation of UN resolutions the deal was supposedly to bring them into the family of nations it has not worked. Donald Trump is right to decertify this deal and say I want a better deal or withdraw. I a thousand percent support President Trump’s decision to say that they are not living within the spirit of the deal in Iran, were going to get a better deal that will make the world safer connect the behavior the regime to the actual nuclear deal.

(KILMEADE) But Senator they are going to talk to you again, they are not going to open up one on one conversations with the diplomatic talks with the United States

(GRAHAM) It’s not about them talking to us it’s about us demanding a better deal.

(KILMEADE) All right we’re not going to have the leverage of the international community

(GRAHAM) Don’t need it, don’t need it, don’t need it. I talked to President Trump about this. Europe can do whatever they want to do. Here’s what we’re going to say, we’re not going to abide by this deal because you can’t inspect military facilities. We’re not going to abide by this deal because Iran can do anything they want to throughout the region without consequence, the nuclear deal protects their behavior running around the Mideast toppling one capital after another. If we are going to insist on a better deal or were going to withdraw from it and we’re going to sanction Iran and if you want to do business with the Iranians you’re not going to be able to use American banks. I think the President is right to do this, I think we’re right to do it alone if we have to. America withdrawing from this deal is a big deal to the rest of the world.

(KILMEADE) If it was so great, then why didn’t Schumer, Cardin, Menendez or Manchin vote for it? Are they really going to come out against it and condemn the President if he decertifies? Why do all those democrats vote against it and they’re going to have trouble coming out against the President should he decertify by the fifteenth.

(GRAHAM) By making them vote and saying it wasn’t a good deal to begin with, how do they now say ‘President Trump, you’re wrong to try to get a better deal?’ How do they make the argument that they knew it sucked to begin with and that Trump is wrong to want to tear it up and get a better deal? They can’t. Has the deal got better over time? I’m glad everybody had the vote. To those who voted for this deal, tell me why you think Iran is a better country after this deal.

(GRAHAM) It matters who is president, Brian. Barack Obama wanted to deal with Iran more than he wanted to deal with anything else. He ignored all their cheating he ignored all their lying. He basically laid down in front of Iranian aggression inside of Syria because he didn’t want to disrupt the deal. He let Russia run wild because he didn’t want to hurt the Russian relationship because he wanted to deal with a whine everything in the Mideast turned upside down because he didn’t want to offend the Iranians.

Graham On Bob Corker’s WWIII comments…

(GRAHAM)I like Bob Corker. He is a good friend of mine. He is a smart guy and a valuable member of the Senate. I don’t believe Trump is creating conditions for WWIII. I believe President Trump is making smart decisions in the face of a bad hand given to him by President Obama. He has changed strategy in Afghanistan in a good way. He’s put North Korea on notice, that you are not going to get a missile to hit America with a nuclear weapon on top, and I mean it when I say it, he is telling the Iranians ‘I am tired of you basically destabilizing the world under an agreement that has no consequences.’ And we are either going to get a better agreement or America is going to withdraw from the agreement. That to me isn’t leading to WW III, that is leading the world to a better place.