Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX), Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, joined Brian Kilmeade to break down the framework of the GOP’s tax reform package and explain why he
rejects the call for gun control in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Listen here:

Kevin Brady on his initial reaction to the Las Vegas mass shooting and the lefts immediate reaction

(Brady) Monday morning was just like a kick in the gut when we all woke up and saw this is happening. One point you make so beautifully is look, let’s get the facts here let’s find out what motivated this shooter you know let’s address that type of issue rather than just watching just reacting, saying knee jerk reacting as they do for every one of these shooting issues. look I think it’s really important to understand what motivated the shooter and again what we can do back home whether it’s blood drives prayers others to help I can’t imagine those five hundred plus victims are still fighting for their lives so there are things we can do now to help them.

Brady on the lefts call for gun control in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shootings

(Brady) I know this I didn’t move to Washington, I live in Texas where we have nearly one million Texans with concealed handgun licenses. I work in Washington D.C. which is a gun free zone. Guess where I feel safer, it’s back home in Texas for my kids for my family and so I know what not to do, which is to invite more violence than to make it tougher for hard work Americans to feel safe in their neighborhood and their home and so that’s why I reject those calls they are exactly the wrong action to take.

Kevin Brady on republicans in the House & Senate being on the same page with Tax Reform

(Brady) So last week was important for Americans been waiting thirty one years for congress to act to fix this broken tax code. Having the President, the House and Senate on the same page is incredibly important and this week we take another significant step because we’re moving to pass the budget which look, no budget no tax reform. That gives us the runway to land tax reform and unlike health care you know when that budget is signed, sealed and delivered then will move tax reform that’s critically important and by the way that Brookings study is so bogus it’s been discredited about ten minutes after it was put in place. In fact they are the same group that savaged Rand Paul’s own tax reform plan when he was running for the senate so the bottom line is look if ninety five percent of Americans can file their taxes using a simple postcard style system if we lower the taxes at every level drive up pay checks and actually make sure American companies of all sizes to keep more of what they earn and redesign the code so they can compete anywhere in the world including our home, will have done what Ronald Reagan did and created the growth in the paychecks the country deserves.

Brady on the Brookings Institution’s study that the GOP tax plan will increase taxes

(Brady) It’s baloney because it’s all unfounded they don’t even know what the income brackets are when those lower rates kick in, they don’t know what the child tax credit will be which is larger and they don’t recognize that tax reform grows the economy and paycheck. I mean they are that stuck in that liberal mindset and so of what I described that study is a work of fiction that Stephen King would be proud of because we’re going to drive a major middle class tax cut. There’s an estimate that wages for a family four could grow by five thousand dollars by getting this economy going in so that’s what we’re focused on.

Brady on democrats saying the GOP tax plan gives the rich a tax break and their opposition to dynamic scoring

(Brady) Democrats opposed dynamic scoring that is real world impacts from a much better tax code but you know they use it on their immigration bill that they passed out of the senate dynamic scoring they’re using it to make the case for DACA and dreamers. They agreed with it on how we need to make the research development tax credit permanent so they’re kind of selective about dynamic scoring they like it on their priorities, they refuted on ours like getting this economy going even though President John F Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan working with the democrat congress they proved you get the tax code right, you know economy booms state local governments get more resources you know jobs and paychecks grow and so look we’re republicans we know letting people keep more of what they earn in our local businesses, be able to send less to Washington, invest more in their workers and in their business grows economy. We shouldn’t be afraid of making that case.

Brady on the differences between the failure to pass healthcare reform and attempting to pass tax reform

(Brady) I think one of the key differences with healthcare was the country was genuinely or is generally divided whether Obamacare works them or not. I believe it doesn’t but there is no one defending this current tax code which showed in a poll last week which said nine out of ten Americans say congress should act now to fix their broken tax code. Most of them believe it will help them and most surprisingly say their lawmaker should work with President Trump to get this done and so my goal is to unify our republicans, we are continuing to outreach our democrats behind the President’s plan and get this thing done this year.