Former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the latest on the shootings at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Huckabee takes issue with the left immediately pushing their political agenda by blaming the NRA and guns and believes the common denominator in all the mass shootings is the evil that lies in the human heart. Huckabee finished by asking how you fix the human heart.

Huckabee also discussed critics of President Trump's efforts to render aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and why there should be no cause for concern with the constant turnover in the Trump administration.

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Mike Huckabee On The Las Vegas Mass Shooting being about the evil that lies in the human heart and not about guns

(Huckabee) The common denominator in all these attacks is not so much the weapon, the weapon is not a bomb, a gun, an incendiary device, the common denominator is a human being with hate in his or her heart. It's a human factor and you know you have to wonder if someone had placed a device that exploded and killed the same and wounded the same number of people would that have made it less deadly, would that have made it more acceptable? Of course it wouldn't and I understand that people immediately want to find a reason they want to fix it but what we're talking about is how do you fix the human heart because that's where the evil lies. It's not in what their hands do it's what their hearts can see and it grieves me that it didn't even take hours the bodies aren't even cold before some people are wanting to make a political issue of this and turn it into a cause. I just find that disgusting to be honest with you. I cannot imagine that somebody would not even wait until we know what was going on with this guy before we immediately wanted to file a bill in the legislature.