Tomi Lahren, one of Fox's newest contributors, joined the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss why she believes Hillary Clinton continues to blame everyone else but herself for losing the election. Tomi explained this is not only damaging to the democrat party but to women everywhere because she will not take responsibility for her own actions. Tomi doesn't believe Hillary lost the election because America wasn't ready for a woman president, it's that America wasn't ready for a liar, they were ready for President Donald Trump. Plus, Tomi talked about Hollywood politicizing the hurricane relief telethon and finally becoming a member of the Fox News family.

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Tomi Lahren on Hillary Clinton continuing to make excuses for losing the presidential election

(Lahren) This whole book tour, every time Hillary goes on TV, every time she opens her mouth, she's bad for the democrats and she knows this but she doesn't care because it's about Hillary it's about power it's about influence it's about money so he's going to go out she's going to keep talking and you know for me as a conservative I'm okay with that but I think she doesn't realize how damaging she is to her own party and also to me though as a woman. I think it was damaging to women I really do. It shows that women can't take responsibility for their own actions and that's not all women but that's Hillary and she claims to be this advocate for women, of course she's been a very successful woman in politics, it's just sad, it's embarrassing.