Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about why he is “a little worried” republicans will not be able to get tax reform done and why it was a mistake for congress to take a six week break during the summer. He also expressed his frustrations with GOP leadership because they have yet to show congress what is in their tax reform bill.

Listen here:

Congressman Jordan on if he is worried tax reform will not be done by Thanksgiving

(Kilmeade) Are you as worried as Newt (Gingrich) on this tax cut by Thanksgiving?

(Jordan) Yeah, tell me what the rates are? Do you know what the bracket is going to be on the personal side? You know what the corporate rates going to go to, you know what the repatriation rates are going to go to? So you know maybe, I said this the other day, maybe instead of taking the six week break we should have actually stayed here and my guess is your listeners would say maybe congressman shouldn’t go home for six weeks they should actually stay and work on the things we elected them to accomplish. Instead we took the longest non election year break in over a decade so yeah I’m a little worried but then that’s why we’re pushing in the Freedom Caucus that’s why we said don’t go home, called for ten weeks ago to stay here and work but here we are so let’s get busy and let’s make some decisions.

Congressman Jordan on if he has seen the tax reform plan GOP leadership is working on yet

(Kilmeade) Congressman if you walked into the Chairman of Ways and Means Kevin Brady’s office, would he show you what we have so far, will he show you what the Senate has so far, will we show you what Steve Mnuchin has so far?

(Jordan) I don’t know but they certainly haven’t showed us. We met with Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Cohn at the White House last week, Mark Meadows and I did, they’re pushing hard but we need a bill. You remember the old Wendy’s commercial “where’s the beef?” Where’s the beef, where’s the bill? We’ve held off on putting together a plan because we keep being told there’s going to be a plan but here we are nine months into this session, think about it, in nine months you can play an entire NFL season and half of another but you can’t put together a tax bill? So let’s cut taxes let’s do what the American people elected us to do. To mix metaphors what’s the Tom Cruise movie, show us the money, show us the bill. So that’s what we’re pushing forward we’d like to see the rate you like to see what’s happening then you can have a debate then you can make the bill better take the case to the American people and actually get something done for them.