Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, joined Brian Kilmeade and stated that when Steve Bannon called the Bush administration 'idiots' he sounded like Nancy Pelosi and Code Pink when they attacked President Bush. Thiessen said it's pathetic for a former senior adviser in a republican administration to talk like that instead of showing gratitude towards the Bush administration and their efforts that successfully thwarted follow up terror attacks after 9/11. Thiessen also spoke about Senator Joe Biden in 2001 saying we don't have to worry about an ICBM attack because it's the left's belief that we should allow North Korea to become a nuclear power which will lead North to invade South Korea and wreak havoc in East Asia.

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Marc Thiessen on Steve Bannon's attack on the Bush Administration, calling them idiots

(Thiessen) He sounds like Nancy Pelosi. He sounds like Code Pink. This is the stuff we used to hear, when I worked in the White House we would hear the chants of the Code Pink people outside the White House with the drums going and saying Bush lied and people died and hear somebody who was until recently a senior adviser in a republican administration sounding like Code Pink is pretty pathetic. The reality is look where their mistakes made during the bush administration yes of course there were mistakes made in every war but the reality is that the actions we took the actions president bush took had kept the country safe. We found these people we tracked down the terrorists who planned this attack, we stopped them from carrying out planned, actual planed follow on attacks by breaking up the cells and taking those people off the streets. He shouldn't have contempt for these people, he should have gratitude because Washington D.C. wasn't hit again, Breitbart headquarters wasn't hit again because of these efforts of the Bush administration.

Marc Thiessen on Senator Joe Biden in 2001 saying we are least vulnerable to an ICBM attack from another nation

(Thiessen) The beautiful thing about that the internet as you can get all this stuff again your words live forever. The reality is Joe Biden was more upset about Bush's withdrawal from the ABM treaty than Vladimir Putin. The Russian's were like ok whatever it doesn't matter. It's absurd and the reality is we shouldn't have no constraints on our ability to protect our country the idea that we should live in a world of mutually assured destruction with Kim Jong-un is absolutely patently absurd. the fact that anyone would argue that we shouldn't have defenses because that's destabilizing against a mad dictator in North Korea ,you can't deter Kim Jong-un the way we did the Soviet Union is because he's not a rational actor, you can't depend on him not to fire a missile. We don't want to live in a world and what's going to happen if North Korea gets the ability to hit us with a ballistic missile and destroy an American city? you know what they're going to do, they're going to invade South Korea and they're going to say are you going to trade Seoul for New York to America and the answer is going to be no. So they want to forcibly reunify the Korean Peninsula and they're going to destroy our alliances, they are going to wreak havoc in East Asia and we're going to be powerless to do anything about it because we don't want to risk New York and Washington Seoul in Chicago to a North Korean missile.