Helen Aguirre Ferré ,Special Assistant to President Trump and Director of Media Affairs joined Abby Huntsman on the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss President Trump's decision to rescind DACA and put it in the hands of congress and the media backlash calling the President cold hearted. Ferré said the President did show heart by saying he is going to unwind DACA "somewhat slowly" and at the same time "provide congress an opportunity to do their job which they haven't done." Ferré added that "The media always come with something emotional because they don't have the legal facts that back up their position and the media is just so hostile to President Trump. I've always thought that he could come up with the cure for cancer and they criticize him because of the cost or what took you so long." Ferré also praised Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling the press we are nation of laws saying "The day we accept that we are no longer a nation that is run by the rule of law than actually we become just like many of those other nations that these immigrants flee from."

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