Jason Chaffetz, Former Chairman of Committee on Oversights, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss Hurricane Harvey, DACA, and new revelations regarding former FBI Director Jim Comey. Regarding Hurricane Harvey, the former Congressman had this to say, "I am always inspired by ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things. You couple that with this unprecedented coordination that we've seen at every level of government and I'm just totally impressed from the President and the Vice President to the new FEMA director." When asked by Brian if he thinks there is a plan already in place regarding DACA Mr. Chaffetz quickly responded "Yes" but went on to say that he is confused as to why the Democrats did nothing about this issue before now. "The reality is if the Democrats really cared about this issue they would have done something about this during the first three, and a half years they had control. Remember at one point they had control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency and guess what, they didn't do anything with it." However, the biggest revelation that came out of the interview involved Former FBI Director Jim Comey.

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