Ari Fleisher, former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed the differences between how President George W Bush and President Trump have handled dealing with natural disasters. Fleisher explained how the Trump administration top-to-bottom did what they needed to do to prepare with the President leading the effort. When asked if President Trump could be more emotive with the victims of Harvey, Fleisher said President Trump's strength is more organizational and structural compared to that of President Bush who is more emotive with the victims. However, Ari added President Trump clearly cares about the people of Texas and the spontaneous moment he held the Texas flag was a powerful moment.

Turning to the Russia investigation and leaks to the press, Ari said he would be shocked if Robert Mueller or anyone from his team were the ones leaking information of the investigation to the press. Ari agreed with Brian that if Mueller's final report shows no collusion with Russia, it will be like the President winning a second election.

Watch here for the full interview:

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