The third hour of the Tom Shillue Radio Show on FOX News Talk!

Comedian Tom Cotter stops by to discuss Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, who in an recent interview said that he was bothered that Colin Kaepernick wasn't getting signed by NFL teams because of his "protests". Shillue and Cotter stood up for the NFL Teams, but were confronted by a called who thinks Colin is being treated unfairly. Then, Shillue regular Carley Shimkus stops by to do take part in a dramatic reading of real conversation between an angry parent and a sleepy babysitter. And finally, nude beaches. While discussing a news story about a topless sunbather who caused a controversy at a family resort, Shillue reveals to Cotter, Shimkus and the world his experience on a nude beach. And yes, he did "participate".

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