Sebastian Gorka: The GOP Needs To Wake Up. They Have To Change Their Ways.

Sebastian Gorka, Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his departure from the White House administration and his thoughts on the state of the GOP. ďI was not dismissed. The fact is after the Afghan speech I realized that the anti-MAGA (Make America Great Again) forces were in ascendance. The best I can do is to be effective as a private citizen.Ē Addressing Rex Tillersonís critical comments, Gorka said, ďIím a bit puzzled because he really doesnít make any sense.Ē However, Mr. Gorka feels there is a broader issue with t the GOP. The GOP thinks they won the election on November 8th and they are very, very mistaken in that. They need to wake up and smell the coffee grinds. Itís the anti-establishment movement is going to shake this town up. Itís not going to change it’s going to get stronger.”

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