The third hour of the Tom Shillue Radio Show on FOX News Talk! Comedian Kevin Brennan, comedian & host of the Misery Loves Company podcast & Burning Bridges on the Cumia joined Tom Shillue to discuss the ongoing fight over Confederate statues and ESPN, who pulled an announcer because he shares the same name as Confederate general Robert E. Lee! Brennan’s co-host, Brian McCarthy also weighed in, apparently to test our “dump button”. Later, senior meteorologist for Fox News Channel Janice Dean joined the show to discuss her new book “Freddy the Frogcaster and the Flash Flood” and give Tom and Kevin very basic weather-related safety advice! Kevin ask Janice where his kids should and shouldn’t stand during a lightning storm! And then there’s a great story about bacon! Listen Monday through Friday 3-6 pm Eastern! Find out more at