David Bossie, President of Citizens United and Former Deputy Campaign Manager for the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the President's remarks about Afghanistan from last night. Mr. Bossie agrees with Brian that the President delivered a fantastic speech. "This was a big moment in Donald Trump's Presidency. It's hard to make decisions on troops, troop deployments and the United States military use abroad in a war that's been going on now for 16 years. Let's not forget there is a big difference between running for President and being the President." On the Presidents tough stance on Terror in Afghanistan and around the world, David went on to say, "I have believed since day one after 911 that we need to continue to pay back what those evil people did. I'm a believer in ridding the world of bad guys. It doesn't matter where they are but they need to be dealt with, and what I mean by dealt with is killed."

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