Stephen Miller, Senior Policy Advisor & Speech Writer for President Trump, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the unfolding events taking place with North Korea and the issues that face this administration on a day to day basis. Miller began by talking about the success currently being enjoyed by the administration, "The Republican party is the hot commodity right now in politics, not just in America but in the world. It's the exciting place to be. We're the reformers we're the change agents we're the folks talking about shaking up Washington. This is the hot party right now and is because of President Trump."

(President Trump Warning To North Korea) North Korea best not make any more threats to the United states. They will be met with the fire, and the fury like the world has never seen.

(Kilmeade) Was that something the whole administration was familiar with before he said that, that he was going to take a different tone towards this North Korean threat?

(Miller) The administration is always briefed in on the President's national security strategy.

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