David Bossie, Former Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald Trump & Fox News Contributor spoke with Pete Hegseth on the Brian Kimeade show about Ben Rhodes becoming a focus of a House probe into whether members of the Obama administration improperly unmasked American's during the 2016 presidential election.

Bossie also spoke about his feelings that President Trump is right to be upet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian collusion investigations but also feels the Presdient wil not be asking AG Sessions to step down.

Listen here:

David Bossie on Ben Rhodes becoming a focus of the House probe on Obama Administration officials unmasking Americans

(BOSSIE) It's so important I can I can't tell you enough how important it is for the American people if they can learn about it because the media obviously will not be putting it on the front page above the fold and the New York Times and the Washington Post and putting it on the networks because they don't want the American people to hear the narrative that it was really the only laws that were actually broken were by the Obama administration and all of the b.s. about Russian collusion is just that and that you know many of my colleagues on the campaign were unmasked and I think it's an important story to dig into I'm glad that the house is investigating it and I think that this is something that you know Robert Mueller instead of trying to figure out who said what about what adoption agency meeting may or may not have happened you know look and he has a job to do we have to take that seriously and I get that but you know when is enough? I've said many times this investigation into the Russian collusion started a year ago one year ago now it is august it started last August. Multiple congressional investigation the department of justice now a special prosecutor for months with millions of dollars of taxpayer money being spent on this investigation I might add and not one shred of evidence nothing not literally not one scintilla of evidence to actually show what the causality of the allegations are and you have you know much more to do with Obama and the Obama administration unmasking Americans of illegally and that's an actual violation of the law.