Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West joined Gregg Jarrett on the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss a range of topics from the media to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "I think what you are seeing is a massive implosion of the left wing media in conjunction with the Democratic party. They don't want to mention the facts not because they are ignorant but because it's not part of their agenda." Lt. Col. West went on to say, "They are angry. They want to exact two pounds of flesh out of President Trump and will do anything they can do to get him removed from office." West agrees a free press is a good thing but need one that understands their responsibilities to be objective and to tell the truth. Regarding AG Sessions the Colonel doesn't like the way the President has gone about his criticism. He believes the Attorney General, then Senator Sessions, put his career on the line when he came out to support President Trump during his campaign and feels loyalty is a two-way street.

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