Senator Jeff Flake: John McCain Is A Fighter And Desperately Wants To Get Back To Fix Healthcare

Sen Jeff Flake (R-AZ) joined Brian Kilmeade to talk about his friend and colleague Sen. John McCain. “I speak to the Senator almost every day. I was on the phone with him yesterday, and he wanted to know what was going on in Congress that’s John. I was just checking in on him and in passing said, I’ve got some chemo in front of me, but we’ll get through this.” When Brian asked do you think he wants to get back right away, the Senator said “You bet, you bet” Mr. Flake continued saying he “Desperately wants to get back and fix our healthcare plan.” On healthcare, the senator says “Nobody is going to get everything they want on this legislation, but what we should get is something better than what we have.” He finished by saying “We’ll see what next week brings. Right now we don’t have the votes, but I applaud the President for his comments. He wants to get something done.”

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