Michael Malice: CNN’s Mask Is Slipping, People Are Realizing They Have An Agenda

Michael Malice, author of the book “Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il” joined the Brian Kilmeade Show to talk not only about North Korea but the growing CNN scandal. On North Korea, Malice says “Things really have changed in the last five days. If They’re at the point where their weapons can reach America if they are at a point where they’re goating America, and if they’re at a point where it’s reasonable for us to discuss military options where China and Russia have to speak out against it. Yes, things have changed” However Michael did say not to get too worried. “The people who should be really worried are the people in Seoul, and the people of Seoul aren’t worried. This is them goating like a child in some ways saying where is the line and what can we get away with.” On the growing concern with CNN and the news coverage. “The mask is slipping from their face. People are realizing WOW! They really have an agenda.”

However, if that isn’t enough, you need to listen for is what Michael says and confirms that Twitter did to “Cover for their own.”

Listen here: