Senator Lindsey Graham: “I’ve Never Been More Proud Of President Trump Than I Am Right Now”

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria. The Senator told Brian that he hopes the actions that took place just outside our nation’s capital will help tone down the divisive political rhetoric that has consumed both Democrats and Republicans alike for well over a year. When Asked by Brian if the President should be worried about the latest allegations of obstruction of justice, the Senators response was simple… “If all the evidence is Comey than no.” Senator Graham when on to say that “I’ve never been more proud of President Trump than I am right now.” Why such high praise? The plan for Afghanistan as presented by the President, Vice President and by General McMaster will require us to engage the enemy much more aggressively something that is deeply needed because Afghanistan puts the American homeland at risk. “The plan is very well thought out, and I’m very excited by what I’ve heard.”

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