Michael Caputo, former advisor to President Trump joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the allegations waged against in the ongoing Russia investigation. While Caputo feels this is a 'Witch Hunt,' a 'Fake Scandal,' he said he believes in the committee process and would be happy to testify as long as it is a public hearing. Caputo went on to say it's this exact rhetoric that caused yesterday's shooting in Alexandria Virginia. Caputo went on claim that he was sent to Russia by the Clinton administration in the 90's to involve himself in the Russian elections and, in fact, according to Caputo he was getting involved in ways that made the Russians nervous. To be clear and set the record straight regarding the President, Caputo said Donald Trump would never betray his country more so he would never tolerate betrayal within his ranks. "There are no facts in this investigation it's a complete and absolute Witch Hunt we see it falling apart before our eyes, and it's time to stop this thing. If it takes Donald Trump speaking out in ways that make people feel uncomfortable then so be it."

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