"The Amazing to me is that the New York Times and the major media did not even quote the most relevant part of Comey's testimony yesterday where he said categorically the President under the Constitution could have directed him to stop the investigation of Flynn and that the President has the authority to decide who to investigate, who not to investigate, who to prosecute, who not to prosecute. That is the single most important statement issued yesterday during the testimony and the general media has put a blackout on that."

---Alan Dershowitz on the media purposely not reporting the most important part of James Comey's testimony

Alan Dershowitz spoke with Brian Kilmeade about yesterday's testimony by former FBI Director James Comey and how the media is blacking out the single most important part of the testimony. Dershowitz said he finds it amazing that the media didn't quote the most relevant part of Comey's testimony which is when he said the President under the Constitution has the authority to end the Flynn investigation. Dershowitz went on to say that even if we don't like the President having that authority, he has that power and you can't turn a Constitutional power into a criminal act. When asked about Comey testifying he was the one who leaked the memos of his conversation with President Trump, Dershowitz said it is a serious issue because one of the jobs of the head of the FBI is to prevent leaks and if his end game was to get a special council, he should have had the courage to stand up to President Trump and ask for a special council.