Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper: Itís Unimaginable Vladimir Putin & Russia Are Being Framed For Trying To Hack The Election

ďIn this day and age, especially in cyber security almost anything is possibleÖ. The level of sophistication by which all the actors can create mischief is something even 3 years ago I would have thought was impossible. Yeah itís conceivable he was framed but very, very unlikely but at this level, these guys have such sophisticated techniques where they can evaluate who did what and from which computers did it originate, very hard to frame something like this, almost unimaginable.Ē

—Governor Hickenlooper on why he finds it unimaginable Vladimir Putin and Russia are being framed for trying to hack the presidential election

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss why he believes Vladimir Putinís claim that Russia is being framed for trying to hack and influence the election is unimaginable and very unlikely because it is very hard to frame something of this magnitude. Hickenlooper also discussed his belief that republicans and democrats need to find common ground on tax reform and the need to improve Obamacare as well as moving past disagreements on climate change and instead focus on finding the least expensive way to make sure we have cleaner air and water. Plus, Hickenlooper explains what role government can play to help stimulate young entrepreneurs starting up a business.

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