Pat Buchanan: Republicans Shouldn’t Waste Time Pushing Healthcare Reform Without the Votes, It’s Like Trying To Bring Peace To The Middle East

“If Mitch McConnell says we can’t get it through, I wouldn’t waste all my time doing it. To me, it’s somewhat like the Middle East peace, you don’t put all your eggs in that basket because that basket is likely to be dropped as it has been by everyone else. Focus on what you can do and get done and have to get done and I think tax reform and jobs infrastructure and getting the economy booming and what he promised to do, controlling the border, staying out of any of these foreign wars that folks are trying to drag us into. I think that’s what I would be focusing on until, Mitch, you work it out Mitch, get it through or don’t get it though and I will wait to see what you can do before we go to conference with the House if you get a bill.”

—Pat Buchanan on why republicans shouldn’t keep pushing healthcare reform without having the votes in the Senate

Pat Buchanan, former Presidential Candidate & columnist joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his new book “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever”. Buchanan spoke about some of the similarities between President’s Trump & Nixon, and what the President can learn from Nixon. On healthcare reform not making it out of the Senate, Buchanan believes if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says they don’t have enough votes to pass reform, they shouldn’t waste their time. Buchanan also praised President Trump for calling out NATO and why the Democrat party would be splintering in half had Hillary won the election.

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Pat Buchanan on what President Trump can learn from President Nixon

(BUCHANAN) You don’t have to take on everyone that attacks you. Nixon once told me when I was going to respond to a congressman who really ripped him up, I was in my 20’s and he said Pat, never shoot down, never get in a fight with someone smaller than you, wait and take on the champion. Nixon did in that 66 year at the end of that when Lyndon Johnson who was president attacked him, Nixon really handled it beautifully…being very precise and stating his position but being consolatory at the same time and won that encounter. I think you can learn a lot from Richard Nixon, you really can but you and I know, we have both observed Donald Trump for about 2 years now and he is not going to change.