"Absolutely, I say "Absolutely, I say Hoorah Mr. President Good Job. They need to be told that. Interestingly I saw a quote the other day that even President Obama called some of the NATO allies freeloaders for basically relying on us to do everything and pay for everything. Not only that... look at the UN we pay for 25% of the UN and have one vote. So yes, I do think its high time that allies pay more. It doesn't have to something that makes relations worse but it should be that they are put on notice, we expect more from them. We'll have a 500 billion dollar deficit in our country this year and a 20 trillion dollar deficit so by all means our allies need to pony up and pay more."

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Joined Brian Kilmeade today and said in reference to the Greg Gianforte confrontation "There is no excuse for putting your hands on a reporter". Sen. Paul went on to say that political discourse is an adult game. In regards to NATO, the Senator supports the President saying "It's high time for our allies to pony up and pay their fair share." On personal topic close to Mr. Paul he says he is "Concerned" regarding the impending Saudi Arms deal and doesn't give his full support because he's not sure where the weapons go once they are in Saudi hands.

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