"Trump has acted erratically over the last 10 days, he has given his enemies fodder for attacks on him and his character an sometimes you have to ask yourself is a billionaire who has had a very cushy life and a beautiful wife and a great family, is he really suited to the temperamental tasks of being president?"

---John Moody on if President Trump is suited to the temperamental tasks of being president

John Moody, Executive Vice President and Executive Editor for Fox News, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his article "Does Donald Trump still want to be president?" Moody asks the question, does President Trump have the temperament to be President of the United States?

Plus, Moody and Brian Kilmeade discussed the passing of Roger Ailes.

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Moody on whether Trump will finish out his term

(Moody) Once he won the presidency his focus is on the process of shifting now and I am not sure if being president for 4 or 8 years interests him. I think he wants to accomplish a few basic things, repeal and replace Obamacare, build a wall to tighten our borders, fix the tax system and make America's jobs base grow again. If he accomplishes those things, I see no reason for him to stay on as President.

John Moody & Brian Kilmeade on Roger Ailes

(Moody) Roger was a genius like few other people and he had flaws like everybody else I know.

(Kilmeade) I have never seen a greater patriot, loved the country, knowledge of the country, a leader and a genius in a way that is very unique, simplicity. No matter how complicated a story he seemed to be able to boil it down in a way I said to myself, why wasn't I thinking like that?

(Moody) Roger came from Warren Ohio which is a working class town and he never forgot that. He brought it to the news and he brought it to New York and he made millions of dollars and he made billions of dollars for this company but he was always a guy from Ohio.