"He is not in any serious legal trouble. I don't think the President can be indicted for obstruction of justice for having a meeting and making a request of his director of the FBI. We have a unitary executive, the President is in charge of the executive. President Thomas Jefferson told his attorney general to prosecute Aaron Burr and even gave immunity to witnesses willing to testify against him. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were deeply involved with directors of the FBI. Its only since Watergate we've created walls between the Justice Department and the Presidency but those walls are based on tradition and internal rules and not the law. I don't think there is a strong case against the President legally."

----Alan Dershowitz on why President Trump did not break the law when he allegedly made a request to James Comey to back off his investigation into General Flynn

Alan Dershowitz joined Brian Kilmeade to explain why President Trump is not in serious legal trouble for his meeting with James Comey when he allegedly asked the FBI director to back off the investigation into General Flynn. Dershowitz said that the President can't be indicted for having a meeting with the FBI director and making a request of him. According to Dershowitz, the more damaging issue is President Trump allegedly giving classified information to Russian officials with the real villain being the person who revealed the classified information to the Washington Post.

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