"The idea of the way Comey was let go, listen I was reading the tea leaves long before. I am not sure if I was the President I wouldn't have let him go earlier but the president, I think he is managing well, he is sending clear messages. It may be different than any president in recent memory from the standpoint in how he manages but he knows exactly where he wants to go , he's got what I think is a very, very capable cabinet that he asks questions of."

---- Rick Perry on Trump firing Comey and how President Trump's management style is different than any administration in recent memory

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry spoke with Brian Kilmeade to discuss President Trump firing of FBI director James Comey and how Secretary of State Rex Tillerson along with the President are working on a plan to strengthen the American energy sector. Plus, Secretary Perry spoke about The Department of Energy and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) forming a new partnership to utilize the capabilities of both agencies.

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