Martha MacCallum, host of the brand new FOX News Channel show "The Story" joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss her latest venture with FNC. The new one-hour show features critical times, historic decisions, and unbelievable stories with smart, fair and unflinching coverage. "The Story" will air live each night at 7pm kicking off tonight (May 1st) with an interview with President Donald Trump. Talking about the focus of the new series, MacCallum said: "We're really excited. I think it's going to give us a chance to, obviously the story, the biggest story around remains the president of the United States and everything that is coming out of the White House, which is just an extraordinary story that we've all been telling all along. But it will give us the ability to kind of broaden out as well, which we're excited about."

Brian and Martha were also joined by the host of "Special Report" Bret Baier, and the trio talked healthcare, Martha's interview with President Trump and the trillion dollar government spending bill now in place until September 30th.

Catch Martha on "The Story" debuting at 7pm ET tonight on FOX News Channel and listen to Brian's full interview with Bret and Martha below: