"He has the strength if the Mid-West, obviously much less than with the elites, and he needs to rely more on the American people. I think some of the tweeting and some of the commentary involved is aimed more at the Washington establishment and he needs to do what Reagan did which is to go over the heads of Washington and go to the American people. Reagan did that during his presidency, often campaigned among the people, went out and met the people. One of the things he did was interesting, he got a lot of mail and one way he kept in touch with the American people was he read his mail every day. Not all of it to be sure but he got somewhere between 5 & 10 letters a day that he would read and he would respond to and usually they were organized by pro, con and hurting, but it gave him an insight into the American people that eluded other politicians and I think Trump should do the same thing."

---Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley on the strengths and weaknesses of President Trump and what President Reagan did that President Trump should do to gain better insight into the American people

Craig Shirley joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss his latest book "Reagan Rising: The Decisive Years, 1976-1980", which chronicles Ronald Reagan losing his second bid for the GOP Presidential nomination in 1976 and how Reagan started a movement in the Republican party that led him to defeat President Jimmy Carter in 1980. Shirley said after Reagan lost to the nomination to President Ford, he didn't change his conservatism but changed to a more optimistic tone and championed the belief that the American people are better equipped than the government to solve the nation's problems.

Shirley also discussed some of the strengths and weaknesses of President Donald Trump and offered up suggestions for how he can emulate President Reagan in order to get a better insight into the American people.

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