Country music sensation and winner of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Trace Adkins joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss his latest album, Something's Going On. Trace also discussed his college football career, if he regrets not joining the military, and if he prefers being a country singer to working on an oil rig. Adkins also addressed the state of American healthcare and President Trump's stance on the GOP's American Health Care Act, saying:

It's the first quarter of the game. We're in the first quarter here. We're faced with a fourth and long. We're not going to throw the ball deep we're going to punt the football and we're going to play field position, we're going to play defense and we're going to get the ball back and score. It was the smart play. Punting the football sometimes is the right call and that's what he did.

And does he think he could get President Trump on the phone? Watch the full interview below to find out!

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