"If you tell somebody that job satisfaction requires them to find their dream job, then you have made it almost impossible to be happy. It's like looking for your soul mate, it's tough. Figure out where the opportunity is, get great at it and find a way to love it."

---Mike Rowe on why waiting to find your 'dream job" is almost impossible

Dirty Job's host Mike Rowe stopped by Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the news of the day, including why President Trump's Executive Order to reduce regulations on the Coal industry will not lead to environmental decay , Ford bringing back more jobs to America, President Trump's outreach to female business leaders, why its way past time to start offering shop classes in high schools again and the mistake people make when they hold out for their "dream job".

Plus, Brian and Mike had a bit of a vocabulary duel and Rowe discussed The Work Ethic Scholarship Program which helps people get the training they need to pursue vocational jobs.

Watch here:

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