"If the FBI had an counter intelligence operation going on against the Trump campaign way back in June 2016, so it would have been June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, how could he (James Comey) and Mike Rogers come out and say oh no, we never had any surveillance of the Trump team. And it's kind of like either he is lying or he has a Barney Fife investigation going on. If you really go word for word on the Trump tweet you could say he got it wrong but if you take a bigger look at it and say the FBI was surveilling the Trump team and investigating of 7 or 8 months, you have to believe some type of surveillance, wiretapping, whatever, was going on against the Trump folks. I think Donald Trump knows more than what he is letting on and I think the democrats are walking into a real trap here."

---Pete Hoekstra on why he feels FBI Director James Comey & NSA Director Mike Rogers may be lying about saying they never had any surveillance of President Trump or his campaign & his belief President Trump may be setting a trap for democrats

Pete Hoekstra, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss why he believes there is more than meets the eye after hearing FBI Director James Comey testify that there was never any surveillance on President Trump or Trump Tower, why he feels NSA director Mike Rogers should have been held accountable for the NSA's failures for being able to keep secrets and how Rep Trey Gowdy's line of questioning may show he knows more than the rest of us do about who may have leaked classified information to the press damaging to the Trump Administration.

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Pete Hoekstra on whether President Obama needed a warrant for a FISA request to order surveillance of President Trump

(HOEKSTRA) My understanding is, and I am not a lawyer, but my understanding is in all of these things, there is an exception that the President for national security reasons can request or demand surveillance without going to a FISA court but you are going to have to go to a full-fledged attorney to get a reading on that, but most laws are always written that a President has an escape valve that you know something needs to happen quickly if he has specific information that nobody else has they can bypass the FISA court at least temporarily.

Pete Hoekstra on Trey Gowdy's line of questioning to James Comey to name the chief suspects in the leaks of classified intelligence

(HOEKSTRA) Trey Gowdy maybe knows something that the rest of us aren't totally familiar with but I think he is going down a very, very interesting line of questioning which says Trey Gowdy knows something or suspects something that hasn't even been discussed at this point.

Pete Hoekstra on NSA director Mike Rogers and others in the Intel communities failures to keep secrets

(HOEKSTRA) Mike Rogers should have been held accountable yesterday. The NSA, they are supposed to be the premiere cyber people in the world. They had Bradley Manning leaks, they have had the Snowden leaks, they have had the CIA leaks, they had the Mike Flynn leaks. His organization being the cyber experts in the world is a disaster and he and his organization need to be held accountable. Because an organization, spies that can't keep secrets, which is what the NSA is right now and our intel community is, they are spies who cannot keep secrets. What it causes the American people to say is if you can't keep your own secrets, how do we know that everybody within your organization is acting lawfully, because we know they are not. Leaking the Flynn information is a felony.