"He is disclosing an ongoing investigation, that probably shouldn't be done. It shouldn't have been done when he disclosed the ongoing Clinton investigation. Generally, the FBI does not disclose ongoing investigations but I guess they are changing their policy now. Maybe he felt since he disclosed the Hillary Clinton investigation, he has an obligation to disclose this one but I would have much preferred if he had said look, I shouldn't have disclosed the Clinton one, I am not going to disclose this, we don't talk about ongoing investigations until they are over and even then we don't talk about them unless they result in an indictment. The FBI is doing too much talking in my view. The FBI, like a child in the old saying, should be seen and not heard and we shouldn't be hearing from them about ongoing investigations. I think that really poses significant problems for our country."

---Alan Dershowitz on why James Comey should not be discussing ongoing investigations into the Trump Administration's possible involvement with Russia during the election.

Alan Dershowitz spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about why he is against FBI Director James Comey testifying about open investigations into Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election and possible connections with the Trump Administration, Judge Neil Gorsuch being well qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice and personally congratulating President Trump for appointing Nikki Haley as United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Plus, Dershowitz on his dustup up on CNN last week after John Flannery accused him of supporting the President's travel ban because he thought it would be good for Israel.

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