"I think there are some problems with what they have done. If you don't allow amendments, if you don't allow people who have real concerns to try and change the bill and if you write a bill that doesn't have everybody's input, then you are going to have problems with it and I think that is part of the problem he is having today, people don't feel like they get a voice in it."

----Former Senator Dr. Tom Coburn on the need for Speaker Paul Ryan to allow amendments to his health care plan in order to address the concerns GOP conservatives have with the bill

Former Oklahoma Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the Republican replacement plan for Obamacare and how one of the biggest problems with this or any government run healthcare plan is the lack of transparency and accountability. Coburn addressed the possibility of the bill not passing the senate and the need for flexibility from Speaker Ryan allowing amendments that address concerns of some of the more conservative republicans in order to have the possibility to clear the Senate. Dr. Coburn feels the federal government has no role telling any state how to take care of its people and it should be up to each state to figure out what works best for their people.

Coburn also shared some of the things he would do to help improve health care in America, including allowing doctor-owned hospitals, allowing poorer Americans to have a health care waiver and allow people to deduct the cost of healthcare from their taxes the way business can if they offer coverage for their employees as well as allow patients to directly negotiate a lower price for care with their doctors based on what they can afford/

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