Yesterday Republicans unveiled their Obamacare replacement plan called the American Health Care Act, but the plan left both conservatives and democrats unhappy, saying it isn't as revolutionary as it could be and doesn't put free market principles in like is necessary. One of those conservatives is Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who calls it "Obamacare by a different from." Rep. Jordan joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the Obamacare repeal bill he and Sen. Rand Paul will introduce today that passed the House fifteen months ago. "That bill is consistent with what we told the American people we were going to do," Jordan told a Tuesday press conference with Paul and other conservative Republicans.

Rep. Jordan's response to Chairman Kevin Brady saying his and Sen. Rand Paul's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has "huge problems":

We have two bills. One, repeal it. Clean repeal. Vote on what he voted for, what almost every single Republican voted for just 15 months ago in the House and Senate. The same bill that we put on  President Obama's desk was put on President Trump's desk. That's the repeal part. That's what we told the voters we'd do. The replace part, second bill. As Rand Paul pointed out we agree on repeal, we've got some differences on replace, so let's have that debate. Let's not rush something through like they're trying to do now. 36 hours ago we got this bill from the leadership and today they start the vote in the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Ways and Means Committee. 36 hours ago the American people first saw it. So our replacement bill takes those ideas that Republicans support and puts them together in the replacement bill: expanded health savings accounts, association health plans, tax deductibility on the individual for those getting their insurance in the individual market. Those kind of common sense ideas that we have agreement on.

Listen below to the full interview: